2015 Barquette Monterey County Chardonnay

Monterey County enjoys a reputation for producing crowd-pleasing wines, and this Chardonnay only serves to further propagate the stereotype. With luscious flavors of lemon curd and pear mingling with notes of toasted oak and baking spices, this is a wine that your guests won't be able to get enough of. Its voluptuous nature and round, full texture are lifted by a bright, pleasing acidity on the finish. If ever there was a time for fresh Maine lobster and drawn butter, it's now!

Recipe Pairings

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Monterey, Central Coast, California, United States


Butter-Poached Fish


Chicken Dishes

Did You Know?

Romeo Bragato was an Austria-Hunagrian viticulturist who studied New Zealand extensively from 1894 to 1908, identifying many grape varieties and regions suitable for winemaking. It would take about 80 more years before his recommendations were followed, many of them proven correct.