2015 Cierzo Campo de Borja Garnacha-Tempranillo

The cierzo is a dry, cool wind that blows through the ancient Spanish wine region of Campo de Borja. It has helped create an optimal environment for growing grapes since the 12th century, when Cistercian monks farmed the vineyards. The wind's cooling influence extends the grapes' hang time, producing plump, ripe fruit that yields remarkable wines such as this blend of 50% Garnacha and 50% Tempranillo. Flavors of cherry and plum are revealed on the palate, lifted by citrus notes and savory nuances of tobacco. For a classic pairing, enjoy this beauty with a meat-studded paella.

Recipe Pairings

Shrimp Boil Pasta

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

black cherry

Black Olive




Aragon, Spain


Braised Meats


Mediterranean Dishes

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